Implicit Attitudes Test for Weight
Thoughts some of you might be interested in this. 

The IAT measures implicit biases on various subjects. One of the tests measures whether you have an implicit preference for thin or fat people, and to what degree, or no preference at all. According to their summary, 70% of respondents showed an automatic preference for thin people over fat people to some degree, and only 12% showed any degree of preference for fat people over thin people. 19% of respondents showed no clear preference. 

You can take the sample test here. I'd be interested to see what results people actively involved in fat-positive spaces get; I personally got a slight preference for fat people over thin people. 

Thursday 9/30:

Thursday, I developed some film in the darkroom--portraits of strangers I met downtown. 

Friday 10/1:

Took myself out! I did things alone that people usually do only in pairs: went out to dinner and a movie. Saw The Social Network (quite good) and ate tasty Mexican food. I had fun. It wasn't entirely antisocial, though; I talked for awhile to a friend of mine who works at the movie theater. 

Wednesday 9/29:

 ate the best sandwich of my life today. I was downtown, and it started pouring rain so I ducked into the nearest doorway, a small cafe I hadn't been to before, and wow, was it amazing. I got an avocado tempeh sandwich, and it was pretty much the most amazing sandwich I have ever eaten! I will be going back. 

I also had a couple of nice conversations with people in stores & in the cafe. Nothing life-changing, but nice human interaction.  

 9/28 Tuesday:

Discussed a possible plan for spending a few months in Mexico next year; I'm excited about that! 
Also tried out a new crepe place downtown, and it was delicious. 

Monday, 9/27: This day's worthwhile experience was very interesting. A few months ago, I found a new penpal. We didn't exchange too many letters, just a handful, but they were always long, thoughtful, very interesting letters; probably the best penpal letters I've ever had! 

Anyway, I found out recently that she decided to join a convent as a religious sister (not a nun, I'm not clear on the differences, though). She sent me a box with a note, saying she was leaving in 2 days; she wasn't sure they'd let her write in the convent. I believe part of her move to the convent was getting rid of her possessions; the box she sent me included a book she'd loved, two religious cards that had a lot of significance to her, smooth stones with what seemed to be crocheted covers, a few coins, and a box of photos from her life. They were polaroids of beautiful scenery, snapshots of her friends goofing off, school pictures where her friends had written notes on the back, all kinds of different photos. It was the most wonderful and sad package I've ever gotten, a real window into someone else's life, and even if I never hear from her again, I will treasure it, and know she has made an impact on my life. 

Worthwhile Experiences
I've been cataloging my "worthwhile experiences," as I like to call them, every day, but I've decided to switch to keeping that record digitally; there's a little more accountability, even if it's just in my head because no one reads this. So now, in addition to using LJ for the communities, I will be making a daily record of worthwhile experiences. To give you an idea of what I mean, I'm going to back up a few days:

Tuesday 9/21:
Read a really hilarious book, Candy Everybody Wants by Josh Kilmer-Purcell.
Listened, really listened, and heard some secrets from someone's past--Amy, someone I hardly know, told me about the eating disorder she had in high school. 
Socialized on the bus. 
Printed photos in the darkroom.

Wednesday 9/22:
Read a very good book, The Subway Chronicles by Jacquelin Cangro.

Thursday 9/23:
Photographed over 20 strangers on film and developed that film.

Friday 9/24: 
Drove to Illinois; big skies and beautiful scenery. 

Saturday 9/25:
Ate amazing deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. 
Shared a good book with someone else (Subway Chronicles with Matt). 

Sunday 9/26: 
Had a really good conversation with Matt about books, photography, and life. 
Ate abandoned cookies and fell asleep in a park in Illinois. 

...The end! Look for today's tomorrow, tomorrow's the day after, and so on. 


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