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Worthwhile Experiences
I've been cataloging my "worthwhile experiences," as I like to call them, every day, but I've decided to switch to keeping that record digitally; there's a little more accountability, even if it's just in my head because no one reads this. So now, in addition to using LJ for the communities, I will be making a daily record of worthwhile experiences. To give you an idea of what I mean, I'm going to back up a few days:

Tuesday 9/21:
Read a really hilarious book, Candy Everybody Wants by Josh Kilmer-Purcell.
Listened, really listened, and heard some secrets from someone's past--Amy, someone I hardly know, told me about the eating disorder she had in high school. 
Socialized on the bus. 
Printed photos in the darkroom.

Wednesday 9/22:
Read a very good book, The Subway Chronicles by Jacquelin Cangro.

Thursday 9/23:
Photographed over 20 strangers on film and developed that film.

Friday 9/24: 
Drove to Illinois; big skies and beautiful scenery. 

Saturday 9/25:
Ate amazing deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. 
Shared a good book with someone else (Subway Chronicles with Matt). 

Sunday 9/26: 
Had a really good conversation with Matt about books, photography, and life. 
Ate abandoned cookies and fell asleep in a park in Illinois. 

...The end! Look for today's tomorrow, tomorrow's the day after, and so on. 


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